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This Website Disclaimer (or Website's Agreement) page informs the visitor about some basic things regarding it.

The website is written (or better yet coded) in XHTML and CSS programming languages by hand, with a bit of copy/paste in a few cases of JS, and it's best viewed in a standards-compliant browser at a screen-resolution of 1280x1024. The website was not made with pre-built templates (or even worse, with "make your own webpage in 20 minutes" type of program. Also, the emphasis is on the website's content and not on its outlook. I was simply trying to make it as simple and fast-loading as possible (there're no unnecessary empty spaces and carriage-returns), therefore I don't use any "fancy" code.

This website is my main computing-related personal site, containing my various computing discoveries, hints, principles, and rules. The most interesting are my numerous discoveries and my various hard-core "tinkering with my computer to the extreme" type of experiences. It mainly exists so that all the ideas that I have, and all the interesting things that I've since discovered on the Internet regarding computers in general wouldn't go to the "oblivion" by not writing them down and sharing them with others. The point is that my goal was to create an unique website, which would express those other practical things that one learns after using your computer for some time. I just didn't want to make another website (like there are many out there already) with well-known "tweaks" listed and widely-used security programs linked and described.

I am sort of "obsessed" with anything optimization and automation related, be it an optimization of computer's and application program's settings, an automation of some task or operation (like defragmenting of a hard-drive, backing-up of data etc.), or simply using batch-files (and/or other types of scripts) to make some long-lasting and/or repetitive task (or many of them) to perform efficiently and finish faster. Actually, this enthusiasm of mine went to the point that I am referring to it as "my obsession". This of course made me learn the basic programming/scripting skills, knowing how to change various computer's configuration settings and so on.

Computing is my hobby, and so note that I do not have "official" computing knowledge, while also I don't work for any Internet profit business, be it computing/technology or news related. The opinions expressed on this website and in my files are mine, or belong to other individuals/entities where so specified. Each product or service is the trademark of their respective company. All the registered copyrights and trademarks ( and ) referred in this site retain the property of their respective owners. All information is provided as opinions only.

The author of this website cannot be held responsible for any damage to software, hardware or loss of data, resulting from the attempts to follow directions/instructions on this website's pages. In other words, use the provided information at your own risk, there is no warranty of any kind.

All the information on this website (including, but not limited to "registry edits", "script files", recommended configuration changes to system, information provided in articles and so forth) is presented "AS IS" and is freely distributed for NON-PROFIT (personal/individual, end-user, educational, charitable, non-commercial and non-military) use; in other words, the author assumes no responsibility for their use, for any direct or consequential damage, loss, or injury resulting from application of any information presented here.

Any trademarks, service marks, logos, and/or domain names on this website (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and companies) are the property of their respective owners, who have no association with, and don't make any endorsement of the information provided by this website.

The Website's Disclaimer of Tadej's computing homepage applies also to your use of Tadej's computing homepage.

I reserve the right to revise this disclaimer. Any revisions to this disclaimer will be posted to the website.

Tadej Persic

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