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No personal web-site is complete (and doesn't deserve the title "homepage") if it's without an obligatory, biographical ego-maniac and self-promoting "About" page and mine is no exception. As addition to my picture below, here are also the links to quite a big 640 x 480 pixels in-size picture of ms. Ariel and me (as you can see, Arika is my beloved dog): http://users.volja.net/tayiper/Arika-and-myself.png, and 1024 x 768 pixels in-size one of my PC and me: http://users.volja.net/tayiper/PC-and-myself.png.

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A few words about me then. I am a 26 years old and quite handsome male humanoid, born on 13 July 1980 and grown-up in a green small town LJUBLJANA (where I still live), which is a capital city of SLOVENIA, the country located in the heart of EUROPE. My real name is Ivan Tadej and my real surname is Persic (or correctly Peršič); I mean the Kandus one is just my mother's surname, but I use it here on my site because it doesn't contain the "problematic" letters for en/us visitors and their installed fonts. Note that I am saying a "real name" in the sentence above only because of my singularity and paranoia, which were the two main causes, that on some parts/areas of cyber-space (i.e. forums and stuff), I am known also as David (at least as a second name), and my name is certainly not David, nor half of it. The first option to contact me is a very standard one; simply click on the picture with the "letter symbol" below, to send me an e-mail to one of my e-mail account's addresses. I will try to answer on any serious e-mail I will get into my Inbox, be it about your current problem with your computer (I got few of these), or a question on my computing principles, hints, tweaks or anything related to my site's contents that you may want to ask. Then to add you thoughts, opinions about my site, please do visit my Guestbook. It is set only for the Volja free-webhost, but you can access it directly from here: http://pub40.bravenet.com/guestbook/3416426346, or from the Volja site's about page: http://users.volja.net/tayiper/other/about.html, but recently I just added the two banners also on the other three variants of my home-site. Also, I offer some computing-related "services"; see the below table for the list of them.

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my picture from 2 years ago

Next, I am a sort of a freak that in general tries to be/stay an open-minded person, a dude who likes to smoke weed, walk, stalk, sleep, listen to music, watch various movies and series like for instance South Park (btw., me and my two friends were totally similar to SP-gang in cruel imagination; especially in making stories about ourselves, out parents and teachers), Dilbert, Futurama, Simpsons, Babylon 5, Star Trek, which are currently my favorites. Then I also love to browse World Wide Web, especially the news and techy sites, message-boards etc., then listen to Alex Jones's show about conspiracy theories and stuff (hehe), and have politics and philosophy as my main "life hobbies". While otherwise I just adore our mother nature, I worship herb, fairy tales, mystics, walking, stalking, then I like meeting with my friends, going to rave/reggae parties, enjoying my home-town and coast in summer here in Slovenia and do other common things. My personal philosophy is somehow some sort of pacifism (pacifist ethics), so I am trying to live by these two principles too. I've become a "self-taught" computing geek (a very keen computing amateur) mostly via trial and error in approximately four years. Well what else to say?? Oh yes, formally I am still an Architecture student at the University in Ljubljana (though currently I am not studying very ambitiously), and being somehow stucked in the "studying-era" for few years now. I mean I did study architecture for about two and a half years, and then, I got my first "real" computer, and that's why and when I've quit with trying to pass statics subject to be more specific. Oh and yes, generally, I totally hate geting up in the morning (actually since I remember being me), going to work at all, doing the stuff that someone tells me to do etc. Anyway, now I'll yet need to decide what to do for a living in my life.

And for the end I thought I should also mention few of the computing-related things that I hate the most; in fact most of them with a passion. As first, I become almost agressively bad-willed, if I've run computer over night, and in the morning I discover that there were no DC-projects were running for all night long, i.e. that I forgot to execute SETI, or forgot to trigger "continue" or "start" commands for FAH (with Psservice CLI programs from Sysinternals) before going to sleep. As second, also "projects-software" related, it's about forgotting to execute the BeWeS MouseTracker program, and so I am clicking for more than an hour or even two, three, without MouseTracker monitoring and saving the results (distances and number of left/right clicks) of the mouse-clicks. This occurs quite often to me, since I go used to exit the program over night (because as mentioned on the "software.html" page, it generates 20% CPU spikes every 20 seconds or so) or when I am going out for more than two, three hours. As third, since I am still a 56K dial-up modem user (and I need to be careful because of the phone-bill), I totally hate if some user of Soulseek p2p sharing-program I am using, deletes or moves some file that I am currently downloading, especially if it is a more than 50% finished live set or a video file (short clip, serie etc), so I am left with these various useless "unfinished" files on my hard-disk. As fourth I totally hate when I downloaded some for instance 30 or 70 MB video-file till 90% or so (the usual size of South Park episodes), and then that user doesn't log-on for few weeks or even months, and then I use the Soulseek's "Search Files" function just to find out that there exists an only 19 MB in-lenght version of this particular clip/episode. And as fifth, I especially hate, when I already downloaded some for instance 30 or 70 MB video-file till 50-90% or so (same as above), and then the user from whom I was downloading that file doesn't log-on for some time, and therefore in that time I totally forgot that this particular clip was already partially downloaded, and so I start to download it from the beginning with the different file-name and realize it when this new file is at 50-90% again. Urghhhh, urghhhh, urghhhh.

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