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After seeing the "cert" jpgs below, you may notice that I've earned approximately the same number of points for both teams, however for the the Ars Technica's "Team Egg Roll" team I did it after completing 62 WUs (at the moment of writting this) while for CastleCops team called "Team ComputerCops" I've finished only 31 WUs to get the same amount of credit. But this is merely a coincidence, i.e. I was simply getting only 600 points WUs for CastleCops team (well, only one or two were not of this "kind"), but since it is so, I will continue on this path from now on, meaning that the results of the smaller WUs will be assigned and sent to Standford servers for the Ars Technica team, while the results of the bigger ones will be sent for the CastleCops team.


And finally, I have decided that (after first deciding that I'll only fold for our Ars Technica's team) I might fold a WU once in a while for the CastleCops team, but certainly not more than 1/5 compare to those for Ars Technica 's one. Again, the reason for splitting (and continuing to do so) in the first place was that in the beginning it just spontanuously happened that I was sending the results of small WUs for Ars Technica's team (this of course resulted in more points), while I was sending only the results of big WUs for CastleCops's team, therefore my WUs vs. points ratio (i.e. the ratio between points and finished WUs) was totally different, and so, as mentioned, I've decided to continue with this approach, especially since I've set my mum's computer to download also big WUs (i.e. fast dual-core and broadband), while mine is set to only download small ones (since I am still on dial-up here).

Ars Technica Team Egg Roll

shirker (score):


shirker (units):


CastleCops Team ComputerCops

satyr_CCSP (score):


satyr_CCSP (units):


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