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This page and its sub-pages are some kind of a blog, or in other words, it is an ever-growing personal computing-related set of pages with important current news and events, at least important in my opinion. But there are just too many interesting things to post them all here (things such as online features, interesting sites in general, various other stuff) that I passionately discover on day-to-day basis and write about them on forums on the Internet, therefore, rather take a look at forums-posts-3.html, forums-posts-2.html, and forums-posts-1.html (formerly forums-posts-3.html, forum-posts-2.html, and forums-posts-1.html; these links don't work anymore!), which are the files with collection of links to these threads/blogs that I devotedly save each time I post; although I am not bookmarking every "blog-entry" that I've commented on, at least not anymore. Anyway, these pages contain current (at that time and so now past) important events, personal computing related "stories", like for example completely new things that I have discovered from the last website update, information about my current system state, un-installations, re-installations of my operating systems, any errors I am coping with, software updates and configuration instructions and similar. It was started on [ 19.2.2005 ] with the file-caching problem - that lead me to a complete un-install my Windows XP/Pro SP1 - and its basic description and solution. The solution was re-installing Windows, particularly downgrading to the non-SP version (but of course, before that I've tried almost all the possible solutions/work-arounds). And luckily back then the installation with "Unattended" parameters worked; if you're really interested then rather read the first opening entry for details below at the bottom of that page.



Wow, it's almost three years since I posted a new events-entry. So let me start with the most important news: in the mean time from the last entry (to be precise on November 24, 2015) I graduated from SC College. Now I am officialy an engineer of Informatics. Here are shortened links to diploma work: https://db.tt/5HVGasoS (Word .doc file) and thesis presentation: https://db.tt/CTezcGPP (PowerPoint .ptt file) on Dropbox if you're maybe interested. Note that there are in Slovene language. I finished the course as planned in time back in the 2011 already, but I still needed to pass one exam (Programming) from the 1st grade. So when I finally did that in April 2012 I was doing pretty much nothing for far too long. Then in January 2015 (after changing the mentor and subject; I wasn’t quite satisfied with the theme), I got the positive decision for my diploma thesis from the College board, and as mentioned I finally graduated on November 24, 2015.

While regarding my online activities, there's aklways something new that I could write about; new pages that I've discovered, accounts created etc. Anyway, I've finally created my Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com (here's a link to my profile or blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/tadejp and here to my main page: http://tadejp.tumblr.com), and I must say it's an awesome social networking and sharing service. I was missing something this now that Posterous is "dead" (click here for the farewell page), namely acquired by Twitter and closed.

Secondly regarding my online life, I've become a bit involved in Wikia: http://www.wikia.com (here is my profile link to my main community page), especially the TV series relatied wikis. Here are all the links to my profiles there: http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://rickandmorty.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://babylon5.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://8mile.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp, http://marvel.wikia.com/User:Tadejp, http://lyrics.wikia.com/wiki/User:Tadejp


After a long long time I actually did something (i.e. I took a look into my "To-Do.txt" file) for the better outlook of some of the pages (namely links1.html, links2.html and diverse.html), to be more specific, the first thing I did was that I corrected the alignment of all the listed links on the mentioned pages since they looked sort of "screwed up" because of the "justify" value (for "text-align" property) that I started using in the mean time for "div.content" class. Therefore I added some internal CSS in the documents' headers (which I usually don't do because I prefer to use external .css files), so that now the conent of those paragraphs aligns to left side (i.e. I created a "p.left" class with "text-align: left;").

While the second thing I did was that because the HTML files that I've uploaded (years ago) to eSnips: http://esnips.com file hosting/sharing website were not available for quite some time since unfortunatelly eSnips does not work anymore as it did in the beginning (i.e. files being accessible directly for viewing or download), I re-uploaded the newer versions to Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com and added them to "links1.html" page. The list "OPEN or GET" drop-down menu located under section "SOME OF UNSORTED COOL STUFF/SITES" on "diverse.html" page still works though since files accessible through that menu are located on my Voljatel free-host's FTP server, but I imagine that the mentione menu is hardly noticed by anyone.

Here are therefore links to the newer versions of files (not necessary the latest; those are on my disk), including a file with my wikipedia edits, a file with various contributions and (similarly) participations on numerous websites: "wikipedia.html", "contribution.html" and "participation.html", links to the list of a lot of threads on forums in which I participated: "forums-posts-1.html", "forums-posts-2.html" and "forums-posts-3.html", and finally links to four general computing related files: "System-Specs.html", "Startup-Locations.html", "Unsorted-Terms.html" and "NBT-Parameters.html".


I almost can't belive it (I noticed it only afterward after seeing that originally I wrote 13.11.2011); it's again a full year and afew months since my last events-entry. Though on this particular update I just fixed some text on the "index.html" page, mentioned my two newly created blogs and added a link to screenshot on Dropbox with all the grades (for all the subjects) because I noticed that in the entry posted on 05.06.2011 I posted a link to screenshot with grades only from the 1st year. To get the whole picture I'll just copy & paste the text from my LinkedIn account since I am a bit lazy at the moment (and I am not updating the whole site, just two pages, and I'm doing it as quickly as possible).

Until the October 2012 I am still a student of Informatics (i.e. I have an "official status" as student) because I still needed to pass one exam (Programming) from the 1st grade. So now that I did it (in April 2012) I am completely done with the 2-year course. I'm confident that I will graduate soon, possibly before the end of this school year. Because I am officially a student I am therefore (again "officially") unemployed. Of course I do other part-time work such as repairing my friends' (and friends' friends etc.) computers, translating from Slovenian to English (mostly computing-related texts) and such.

So yeah, in fact I did passed that one remaining exam (PRO1) from 1st grade at the end of May 2012. And so again, take a look at the screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4022041/Izpiti-Ocene-Final.png and this one, as mentioned, contains a listing of all the grades from 1st and 2nd year of college. I am pretty confident that I will graduate soon, but I cannot say when (probably it won't be "possibly before the end of this school year") because I have so much other thing so do (I am totally occupied with caring for my old father and even older grandmother for example and so on).

Oh and yeah, I the mean time I've created two more blogs in English language. The first one is Tadej Persic's Posterous: http://tadej-persic.posterous.com (hosted on Posterous: http://posterous.com), which is in fact already 1 year old and is a some sort of a blog where I plan to post random stuff (and this one has quite a few posts already, mostly jokes, pics and other such funny stuff) and the second one is Tadej Persic's Blogger: http://tadejp.blogspot.com (hosted on Blogger: http://www.blogger.com) where I intend to do pretty much the same thing.


Well well, this time it's much more than half a year since I updated the website for the last time in October 2010. And same as before, the main reason for this is that I am focusing on the study of Informatics. Now in 2011 (school year 2010/2011) I am in the 2nd grade and I am in fact doing very well! Actually, I am almost finished it, meaning that now in June I just need to pass all the remaining exams, write a diploma as soon as possible and graduate. In the hopefully near future I am planning to add some school-related stuff to the website, meaning things like my seminar papers (the interesting ones and of course, only those that are written in English) and similar stuff. Anyway, this time I am updating the website just to move some JavaScript code from .html files into one external .js file, and as always, a few other minor website's outlook changes/fixes that are not worth being mentioned.


Once again it's more than five months since the last update. What should I say? Again, the reason for this was the study (of Informatics, 1st grade in school year 2009/2010) and well, I am glad to let you all know that I've managed to advance to the 2nd grade! Actually, I got surprisingly good grades (considering the effort that I've put into it), please take a look at this screesnhot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4022041/Izpiti-Ocene.png. As you can see, I have four 10's and three 9's, if I am not counting one 10, one 9, and one 8, but these three were the grades for the practical training (not for the actualy subjects). In future I am planning to post links (here on the events pages) to all my seminar papers, so stay tuned!


More than five months have passed since my last website update and the reason (beside the one mentioned in the news-entry dated 02.02.2010 on last/previous page) is that for three months, that's from Januar to end of March, I was let's say a sort of an "apprentice" at the computer company Nevron: http://www.nevron.si (as a required part of the study of Informatics), and because at the moment there is not much to write about (i.e. and I have no spare time to "waste"), I am just posting a link to my seminar paper (for the "Terminology in foreign languages" subject) that I've entitled "The report on work at Nevron company": http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4022041/The-report-on-work-at-nevron-company.doc (hosted on Dropbox: http://www.dropbox.com). Visitors from Slovenia (or in fact anyone who can read/understand Slovene language) can also visit my somehow related blog entry titled Zivljenje in dogajanje v zadnjih 2-3 mesecihhttp://tadej.sopca.com/2010/01/31/zivljenje-in-dogajanje-v-zadnjih-2-3-mesecih (in which there's a link to another seminar paper entitled "Organizacijska kultura v podjetju": /remote/Organizacijska-kultura-v-podjetju.doc) on my slovenian blog.


I am glad to finally start this "events16.html" page with this very first "events-entry" that you're reading right not. Again, since the last update I haven't done any really important things (and the last update was more than three months ago), of course, this means haven't done anything worth being mentioned. I mean as always, I made those "standard" changes that I do on each and every website's update, be it a minor or a major one (i.e. the update). I mean things/changes like fixing any spelling/grammatical errors that I've found in the mean time (that is since the last update), fixing any remanining layout problems, and any other such errors and/or problems.

The filler content: I yet need to add content under this entry, the page was created only to finish with the 2009 series of "event-entries". For the last entry from year 2009 please click this: /other/events/2009/events15.html link that will direct you to page "events15.html.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

As you can see, I've put the so-called "filler content" text into the four paragraphs above (inside the >blockquote> block element); that's simply because it's already January 2010 and so I needed to create a new directory named "/2009/" (it's an "/events/" directory's sub-directory), and put into it all the pages from this website's section (i.e. the "events-entries" section) that were created in year 2009.

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