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And for the end I thought I should also mention (as a sort of a continuing of the "about.html" page: /other/about.html) a few of the computing-related things that I hate the most; in fact I passionately hate most of them.


As first regarding "projects applications" (as I like to call them), I become almost agressively bad willed, if I leave computer running over the night and in the morning I discover that there were no DC-projects running for all night long, e.g. that I forgot to execute SETI, or forgot to trigger "continue" (or "start") command for FAH (with Psservice CLI programs from Sysinternals) before going to sleep. It's similar in BeWeS MouseTracker application case (it's also some sort of a project software) when I forget to launch the application, and so I am clicking with my mouse for more than an hour (or two, three or even more hours) without MouseTracker monitoring and saving the results (distances and number of left/right clicks). This occurs quite often to me since I go used to exit the program over night or when I am going out for a longer periods of time (i.e. I leave the desk/computer) because as mentioned on the "software.html" page, this program generates 20% CPU spikes every 20 seconds or so.

Further, back then when I was still using 56K analog dial-up modem with actual line transmission speed much worse than 56 Kbps (because of the types of phone cables here in Slovenia the download speed was limited to 28.8 Kbps, at best 31.2 Kbps) and so I needed to be very careful because of the phone bill, I was really pissed off when I was connected to the Internet and I muted the mp3 player with which I wam listening some audio stream (back then I was mostly listening to the radio talk show by Alex Jones on conspiracy theories and stuff), and then I forgot that it's playing and that I've mutted it, therefore I wam connected "for no reason" (and the phone bill was getting bigger!) since instead of downloading that stream (I surely saw with DUMeter program that something was downloading) I could be downloading other stuff or simply disconnect from the Internet.

Back in the 56K analog adapter days I also totally hated if some user of Soulseek (a p2p sharing-program that I was using) deleted or moved some file that I was currently downloading, especially if it was a big file (such as live set or a video file etc.) and more than 50% finished, because that meant that I was left with these various useless "unfinished" files on my hard-disk. Similaly I hated when I downloaded some big (for instance 30 or 70 MB in-size file; that's the usual size of South Park episodes) untill 90% or so, and then that user didn't log-on to Soulseek for a few weeks or even months, and so was forced to use Soulseek's "Search Files" function and then found out that there exists an only 19 MB in-lenght version of this particular episode.

Then similarly when I started to download some file (for which I though I don't have any of its "fragments" yet), but only discovered afterward (when I already started with the new one from the beginning) that this particular file was already partially downloaded on my hard-disk. For example same as above, I almost finished downloaded some 30 or 70 MB file and then the user (from whom I was downloading it) didn't log-on for some time, and in that time I forgot that this particular clip was already partially downloaded and started to download it from the beginning with the different file-name, only to realize it when this new file was already 50-90% finished. One such example was when I was downloading 406 episode of South Park "Cartman joins NAMBLA", and then the user )from who I was downloading it) deleted the file and so I totally forgot about it, and when I saw other users with this same file after few weeks, I first searched my download directory for a file which would contain words "Cartman" and "NAMBLA", and since I haven't found any I started to download it from scratch. But the problem was that I should also look for a word "406" (the file containing that South Park episode which was already almost 50% finished didn't have the full name of the episode, but only the number of it). You can bet that after I've discovered this, I was mad as hell.

And finally, I've already mentioned elsewhere on the website that I am a "formatting maniac" (meaning that I am pedantically caring about formatting), but let me also mention one of the things that I hate in this regard (or as a result of this); it's that I totally hate if I mis-formatted some sentence or HTML/BBCode element in a comment on such a blog where editing is not possible. Basically, again, it's that I am almost obsessively trying to have as "strict" and as "consistent" formatting of sentences (in blog-comments, forum posts, e-mail messages etc.) as possible. And so I am sometimes actually in a really bad mood because of some totally minor mistake that I made which cannot be corrected.

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