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This page is a continuation of page "diverse.html", while previously these screenshots of my computer's desktop (there below in particular were made on Windows XP/Pro) were a part of the mentioned "diverse.html" page, but then I've decided it's better to create a new dedicated page for them. Also, this may come quite handy in the future when I'll add new ones (at least that's what I'm planning to do). As mentioned above on the top of the "diverse.html" page, I've also added the screenshots of how the desktop looks like with Blackbox program (an alternative shell, i.e. a replacement for Explorer) running as a defult OS's shell (or better yet, a window manager).


And the screenshots section, first only links to screenshots and after that directly visible screenshots. So first one is a screenshot of Total Commander current interface look on Windows XP (it's a file-manager, other than the default/common Windows Explorer): http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/3045/totalcmdcurrent4gq.gif, then desktop's current look on Win98: http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/6206/explorercurrent1tf.gif, and in the end two variants of my Windows XP desktop-look, with Blackbox for Windows replacement/alternative shell (bb4win, the "original branch") running as a default operating system's shell. First, there is an older variant, and as second the current one.

With all programs minimized:





With most programs maximized:





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